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Aerosol – Fixed Systems

Aérosol – Systèmes fixes

Aerosol fire suppression is a new cutting-edge fire protection technology.

GLB is a Stat-X certified and authorized distributor.

Portable type model (First Responder) available here.


  • Clean agent (almost no residue deposit);
  • Affordable;
  • Very rapid suppression;
  • Use at very wide range of temperatures (-40°C to 54°C);
  • Air delivery authorized;
  • Very rapid re activation after use;
  • The protected area does not need to be completely sealed. Agent compensation is possible.

Required Considerations

  • Release panel activated version available;
  • Independent activation version available;
  • Cannot be used for areas normally occupied;
  • Limited lifetime;
  • Protection in total immersion only;
  • Reduced visibility during release.

Environmental Sustainability

  • No ozone depletion potential (ODP).
  • No global warming potential (GWP).

Stat-X fixed units can be either electric, thermal or manual according to the protection requirements. Different discharge capabilities are available depending on the hazard to protect.

Learn more about the following applications/characteristics :

Stat-X fire suppression under the hood of transport vehicle

Concept demonstration of fire protection using Stat-X fire suppression

Discharge characteristics of Stat-X fixed units

Fire suppression within 10 sec

Discharge of a unit Stat-X 1500 (high discharge capacity)


Stat-X._User Book


Stat-X._Manual-Thermal-Activation Specification-Gen

Stat-X._Equipment Exposure Issues

Stat-X._Environ & Health Issues


Stat-X._Electric Operated Stat-X-Specification

Stat-X._Actuation Heads_Manual-Thermal_Specifications