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Products distributed

Being recognized as a leader allows us to distribute all the brands that meet any requirements, according to standards by authorities having jurisdiction.

Stat-XStat-X aerosol fire suppression technologies from Fireaway represent a cutting edge technology in fire protection. These technologies combine fire protection science and economy. These environmentally sustainable products are also designed to protect complex installations.

VikingInternational leader for various technologies, Viking offers different innovative products through clean agents and all kinds of sprinklers. Viking is synonymous of versatility and trust in our projects.

FireFlexFireFlex designs and manufactures cutting edge innovative integrated systems in terms of fire protection systems. Their products cover not only automatic sprinkler systems, but also clean agents and compressed air foam systems for permanent piping systems.

AnsulAnsul (Tyco Fire Products registered brand) products to protect special hazards are designed and manufactured according to the highest standards. They are tested in independent national and international laboratories and by approved agencies.

TycoTyco products are recognized internationally for fire suppression. These products are selected for their innovative design and performance. Tyco products are synonymous of guarantee for all types of protection, whether it will be for industrial, commercial or institutional risks.

RetrotecWorld leader in the manufacturing of building diagnosis tools, Retrotec offers products that represent a guarantee for precise building diagnosis with different fire hazard levels. We hold level I, II and III certifications to measure air room leakage of the areas where clean agent systems are installed. Did you know that since 2012, it is mandatory to assess the pressures caused by the release of a clean agent ?

ArmstrongPioneers in a vast range of pump and fire mechanic products, Armstrong products are associated with industrial and commercial needs. Armstrong defined quality, design, engineering and manufacturing standards for fire pumps. These products are designed for safety, longer durability and economy,  that is why we trust them.

ITTA-C Pump, a division of ITT Corporation, manufactures high quality centrifugal fire pumps for the global industry and municipalities. A large range of products and pumps for commercial and industrial applications are manufactured and sold to meet most fire protection needs. They are a trusted partner.

FenwalFenwal Protection Systems represents the most innovative technologies in terms of fire suppression with clean agents. The Fenwall systems are recognized for early detection of fires and very rapid suppression. Fenwall uses only user safe and environmentally friendly products.

Potter fire alarm systems are designed to meet the requirements for small and medium businesses. These systems arePotter Logo frequently associated to alarme control systems in residential, commercial and institutionnal sectors.

Edwards offers fire alarm panels designed using state-of-the-art technologies that meet conventional needs and sophisticated fire alarm systems.Edwards

Vigilant offers excellent control panels, devices and accessories designed to provide reliable performance and Vigilantfunctionalities adapted to various needs.