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Our processes respect 3 commitments that support sustainable business activities :

  1. Efficient use of energy and freshwater
  2. Recovery/recycling of residual materials
  3. Use of ‘eco-friendly’ products 

These 3 commitments translate into the following activities :

  1. Our company has taken a major technological shift and we promote saving fresh water.
    • Our water sprinkler systems minimize the use of freshwater in the extinguishment of fires since they contain fire at the very beginning of conflagration. Sprinklers are the first firefighters on the fire site and they minimize water use to 341 gallons on average to control a fire. Firefighters use an average of 2,935 gallons of water per fire (American Fire Sprinkler Association).
  2. Our digital business processes aim at reducing by 50% the paper amount used annually.
  3. Engineering software & design using Hydracad & Hydralist that optimize pipe cutting to minimize residual quantities.
    • All metals are recycled (copper, aluminium, steel, stainless steel)
  4. During the annual maintenance involving trip tests and modifications of fire protection systems, the following products are recovered & recycled :
    • Glycol
    • Foam
    • Extinguisher liquids
    • Halon
    • Novec 1230
    • FM200
  5. Pipe painting uses powder coating technology instead of regular paint. As compared to regular paint.  Powder coating is VOC free (volatile organic compounds) & it is 10 times stronger than regular paint.
  6. We design NOVEC 1230 systems :
    • The greener chemical gas for the environment;
    • It has no effect on the ozone layer;
    • No collateral damage following discharge;
    • Storage in liquid format, which reduces the space required storage when compared to inert gases.